Karen Weikert

Karen Weiker is our resident storyteller and chief nurturer. She is the keeper of the brand for our clients and, as mama bear, serves as both muse and guide to our content creators, encouraging them to reach for their most powerful and engaging posts, and then delight in the outcomes. A web designer and end-user architect for over 18 years, she knows what customers want and need to love to a brand. An author, speaker, coach, consultant, radio talk show guest, and instructor at Pacific New Media at UH Manoa, she teaches businesses/nonprofits how to truly inspire. A professional member of the Social Media Club Hawai‘i, she was voted one of Hawai‘i’s Top 15 Social Media Influencers in 2012, and has created her own vibrant audience of over 20,000 #spiritsays™ followers and fans who read her channeled wisdom daily.